Wednesday, April 30, 2014


The horoscopes had been matched.Superb match ,the astrologer said .It's fixed then. The marriage was just like any typical Indian wedding.Lots of relatives,family ,friends ,etal.

The wedding over,they left for the honeymoon. The bride & the bridegroom seemed to be over the moon.It was too perfect.Honeymoon over ,they returned home.One year later ,they became proud parents to a pair of twins...a boy & a girl.The family was now complete.They felt blessed.The horoscopes of the babies were drawn.They will be lucky ,it was predicted from their birth charts.

Another year passed by.The parents & twins went on a trip to the mountains for a vacation.Coming back ,tragedy struck.It was a major accident.The parents died on the spot.They were together in death as predicted .The kids were lucky to have escaped without a scratch as foretold.The zodiac was right.Or was it  ? The driver of the family was speeding.He was talking on his mobile & failed to see the truck coming from the bend on the mountain road.

The result, was two lives unnecessarily lost .The grand parents were distressed.Some  advised them to seek peace with yoga & pranayam.Many  started advising the grandparents to do shanti ,puja etc to set right, whatever was wrong with the horoscopes of the twins.And the preparations began........

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Yoga is the mental ,physical practices which originated in ancient India .The purpose was to still the mind.To attain became a formal philosophy with the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.Yoga practices are found in Buddhism,Hinduism & Jainism.Indian gurus popularised Yoga in the West mainly as physical exercise.Slowly & surely ,Yoga began to be favoured  to treat conditions like depression ,schizophrenia along with Medicines.

Human beings are unlike xerox copies of each other.Hence specific yoag asanas can help each person to reach maximum potential.Yoga is preferred as it not prone to injuries unlike other vigorous forms of exercises.

Studies have proved time & again that yoga offers numerous health benefits.Yoga is the total health package consisting of postures,breathing methods & meditation.Yoga asanas like Kapal Bhati & Suyanamaskar help in losing weight.Slowly ,as one practises yoga,awareness about body needs increase.This leads to seek food which will suit the body & this  eventually leads to weight loss. Yoga gives relief from stress.Women who are depressed are advised to opt for yoga to overcome depression.Yoga asanas involve stretching of  the body .Hence,muscles  get strengthened & body parts get massaged.This improves immunity.Yoga makes bodies strong ,supple & flexible.

Kapalbhati pranayam increases oxygen flow to the brain & body.Vajrasana is meant to relax both mind & body.there are yoga asanas for controlling hair loss as well.Some of them are Adho Mukha Svanasana,Uttanasana,Ustrasana &  Sarvangasana.There are many asanas to correct various ailments.

The National Institute of Mental Health & Science ( NIMHANS),Bangalore has come up with a yoga package to treat disorders like depression & schizophrenia.The doctors at NIMHANS have been comparing  the effects of yoga & medicine in treating certain disorders. The results are  encouraging.

In July,2013 ,an American Court in ruled that  Yoga is  secular.He was passing an order in acse wherein some schools had pulled out their wards from the school.Yoga was being taught in the school.Some parents were apprehensive that this  was promotion of  Eastern religions.The judge disagreed .He  declared that yoga is now  " a distinctly American cultural phenomenon " .That goes to show that Yoga is for all ! It has a Universal appeal !

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Xerox case

I came across this case, last year when I was casually scanning the newspaper.This relates to Delhi University.There is a  photocopier attached to  Delhi University  named Rameshwari photocopy services.The said shop   extracts course materials  from copyrighted text books .This extracted material is compiled & made available to students. The publishers  ( Oxford ,Cambridge & Francis & Taylor ) have sued the Delhi University & Rameshwari Photocopy services for infringement of copyright.

This has sparked a huge debate.Students & lawyers argue that the Indian Copyright act provides exemption in cases where 10 % of the copyrighted material is used for purposes of education. Publishers  argue that this  is piracy per se.The Federation of Indian Publishers ( FIP ) is saying that Indian Reprographic Rights Organization ( IRRO ) has a solution.The Universities & institutes need to apply for a license which allows them to legally photocopy copyrighted material.The license fee is just Rs 12000/- per year.Yet,many argue that IRRO solution is unacceptable.Firstly, because the exception in the Indian Copyright act does not say that license is mandatory  for photocopying copyrighted material.Secondly ,IRRO cannot give a total & inclusive   license  as it is not the only copy right holder of all educational material.

This case was filed in August,2012.In October,2012, Delhi High Court granted a stay  in favour of the publishers.The course material cannot be produced as per the interim order.A student body has been formed, by the name of Association of Students for Equitable Access to Knowledge ( ASEAK ) to defend the rights of students.

No final order has been passed.Students say, that all cannot pay for high costs of materials & hence, photocopying is valid. Publishers  argue, that in a country, where parents are ready & willing to pay lakhs to send their wards to Universities,why can't some amount be paid for copyrighted material.The debate continues.

The decision in this  case, is going to have a huge impact on photocopying   in our nation where we go  to Xerox oops  ( Xerox is a brand )  photocopy documents regaularly.Come to think of it ,walking to  & fro  the photocopier everyday, is  a good exercise.Photocopying is our national past time.For those, who find it impossible, to take out time to walk ,walking to get photocopies done is the best option....killing two birds with one stone.Or multitasking !

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Saturday, April 26, 2014


I walk as I do chores in & around my home.I walk to the grocery store.I walk to the mobile recharging shop.I walk to the tailor.I walk to the temple.I walk to the mall.I even walked to the the polling booth to exercise my right of voting.

I find walking economical,compared to riding in an auto rickshaw Walking is time usefully spent..Public transport is cheaper than private & yet, it is unavailable over extremely short distances.More over for public transport ,one has to wait.It is quite a waste of time.A pair of walking shoes or slippers & one is ready to take on walking.I saw people walking barefoot in the local park.

Walking has so many health benefits.It helps heart & other cardiovascular functions.It strengthens bones & hence, is extremely beneficial for women.It leads to weight loss.It tones our arms ,bums,legs & thighs.It is like exercise for the brain.Since walking is a moderate exercise,it works like an antidepressant.So ,it makes us happy.It increases blood circulation in our body & thereby energises us.Walking decreases risks of asthama ,type 2 diabetes & some forms of cancer.

Recently a study was conducted, which reveals that walking helps in being more creative than simply sitting.So ,walk the blog ,design,novel,painting,poem,story,etal !

Walking is better than going to gym  and or running.Walking is not prone to injuries unlike running or exercising in the gym.

Come to think of it,my walking on all these days, helped me, reach till this day, of the A to Z Blogging Challenge !

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Friday, April 25, 2014


Yesterday ,was the polling day in my city.Schools& offices were closed .I had received my voting slip.This voting slip is a xerox copy of my voter identity card. I am yet to receive my voter identity card.

I wanted to desperately vote this  time.Maybe, because I felt ,it was my duty or maybe I wanted my candidate to at least win the number of votes which will assure that he gets back his deposit from the Election Commission.

I left with my parents quite early in the morning by around seven thirty.

The polling booth was  in a nearby school.As we started walking to the polling booth,we spotted many youngsters sitting on chairs with tables in front.They were sitting outside our housing complex.They had booklets with names of voters on the tables & were busy in verifying names etc.We came across many such young people at work at some more places on our way.This is good, as the young ones are on the streets, doing something worthwhile.

We reached the school which was our polling booth centre.There were policemen posted in the premises.There was also a police jeep waiting outside the school gate with some more policemen.

We spotted two queues.We stood in the queue.My dad was told to join the queue for gents .He joined .He was pushed to the front as he is a senior citizen.This was done by the police constables who checked our voter slips.Someone started a row as to why some senior citizens are being pushed in front.The constables on duty understood  that this is kaliyug .Hence from then onwards,senior citizens just joined the queue without being pushed to the front.While all this,  was going on ,my mom had been pushed ahead in the queue as she too is a senior citizen. My parents finished their voting duty & came out.I asked them to return home.I was still some way behind.

Then ,the police constables said to the men in the gents queue to push ahead a little.Some men objected.They were of the opinion that gents queue must have been on the side  where ladies were standing as male voters were more & that ladies side was more airy.The constables decided to keep mum from then on.Some people are never happy with whatever arrangement id done.They will find faults galore,even if they were in utopia !

Finally ,my chance came.I showed my voter slip.My name was there in the voter's list .My finger was inked.I had to sign .Then I was directed to the enclosure where I could press the button.I pressed the red round button .Nothing happened.Then I pressed the blue elliptical shaped button.The red light blinked.My vote had been registered.I walked out & returned home !

I was thrilled that   after  many fruitless years of trying to get registered as a voter,I had managed to vote after successful registration !

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Thursday, April 24, 2014


Utopia means an ideal world .This term was given by Sir Thomas More in his book Utopia.

All of us have a dream about Utopia.I would like my world, to be full of happy people.There would be no crimes like thefts,murders,rapes,frauds.etc.The kids would be always safe & never have to suffer from any bad touch.

There would plenty of food for all.Even sparkling water bodies with potable water.There would be greenery all over.There would be jungles,mountains & meadows with various forms of flora & fauna.Animals would roam freely in jungles & live in peaceful coexistence.

There would be tasks for all & shelters  for all .School,hospitals,shops & other establishments would be enough to satisfy all the needs.There would be theatres,concert halls,places of worship ,etal.Arts,crafts & games would flourish .Transport would be fast & safe.There would be no need for passports &  or visas.

Teachers & professors would be the pillars of strength.They will take lead in research & development.Corporate houses will make reasonable profit.They would take pride in  taking up social responsibility.

Government would be elected & govern as per rule of law. Courts would dispense justice fast with due fairness.Rulers & opposition would behave & be an ideal to look up to.

Marriage would be optional.Family planning would be compulsory so that the resources can last & last.Religion would be a matter of choice.

Here's hoping that even if one or a few of the aforesaid ideals comes through,this world would be a much better place to live in !

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


IndiBlogger recently arranged an exclusive Book Preview of "The Bad Touch "by  Payal Shah Karwa ,an IndiBlogger herself.It was at  Cafe Infinito,BKC,Mumbai on 5th April,2014.April is the month for Child Sex Abuse Awareness.

The author Payal Shah Karwa wanted to give back to society something concrete.So she decided to write on such a sensitive topic.The going was tough.Many people refused to speak.Some others spoke & yet ,chose to remain anonymous.

The meet was anchored by Kiran Manral ,a parent blogger & author. Harish Iyer, activist, was present to offer his valuable insights.There was also lady  from an NGO, which conducts sex education in schools among other activities.

Harish Iyer stated that he tried to tell his mom, that, he was being sexually abused by a relative in the joint family.His mother was unable to comprehend, that   a male child  could  be sexually abused.This is due to the fact, that we are a patriarchal society.Statistics say, that, more boys are sexually abused compared to girls.

Harish Iyer informed that pedophiles can indulge in  gang rapes of kids similar to  the Suryanelli case.He himself came across a pedophile who boasted on the  social network that he had sex with a child.Many wanted to know when they could  do likewise.They wanted to share details of the victim The police  made Harish Iyer  go round in circles intialy.Finally ,the pedophile was arrested & punished,all thanks to the efforts of Harish Iyer.

Kiran Manral said that it is very important, for a child to learn about sex organs.Only then, can the child understand, if any touch is good or bad.The NGO lady said that the parents are taught about the various ways a  child may be  touched .Next come,the kids who are taught about the type of touch ,who can touch them & where etc.

The trauma of child sex abuse lasts for years, maybe, even decades & victims feel guilty, all the while.It was emphasised , that the victim is never  ever responsible for being sexually abused.A majority of the victims keep mum as they are afraid  & or they fail to understand that what is being done to them, is wrong and criminal.Many a times, .the abuser /s are persons who are trusted by the child .The sexual  abuse shatters the trust & confidence of the child.

Another aspect of  our patriarchal society is that boys, who come of age, are enticed and or seduced to learn  the art of sex.Yet ,this is another form of sexual abuse.

The meet was quite an eye opener.The meet was a step to raise awareness about the evils of Child Sex Abuse.Unless,we speak against Child Sex Abuse ,it will keep on rising.Silence aids & abets such acts .Hence,it is high time ,we take#PledgeToProtect #csaam.

Please visit the csaam on facebook to become aware of the dangers of child sexual abuse.It gives valuable & insightful updates.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Suryanelli case

Suryanelli is a village in Idukki district in the Indian state of Kerela.This is the infamous Suryanelli rape case.The victim, a minor , who was sixteen year old then,  was blackmailed into running away  by her alleged lover ,bus cleaner,Raju .She went  missing from girls hostel in Munnar on 16th Januray,1996.Her father filed a police complaint.She returned home  after forty days .Rather, she was returned after forty days of confinement & innumerable rapes by various people, including a lawyer ,who started the series of rapes on the minor.During the period of forty  days,she was transferred from place to place in Kerela & Tamil Nadu.She was sent back home after she became too sick to be raped !  Her private parts had been abused so much that at a  mere touch,blood would ooze out !

 P.J.Kurien ,the current honourable  Deputy Speaker of Rajya Sabha is   one of the rapists .The victim identified him from a photograph .She said that he had raped her at a guest house in Kumily.She filed  complaint against the rapists .Local  police discouraged  her, at the behest of the powerful people who had been named in the complaint.The LDF party won the 1996 elections .Her gang rape  was an election issue.A special court was constituted & it punished the 35 of the many accused. Kerela High Court reversed the judgement in 2005 & acquitted all except, Dharmarajan. A reading of the judgement shows that the accused were discharged without any punishment  on  flimsy grounds. Dharmarajan was punished with imprisonment for just   five years & fine of  Rs 5000/ only.The rape charge was said to be untrue as the victim had  crossed the age of consent ! The court just fell short of naming the victim ,a prostitute.Hence the accused were let off ! And yet ,the courts & even society, needs to be reminded that prostitutes have rights as well.

LDF government employed the victim as  a peon, in Kerela Sales Tax Department.When Congress returned to power,the victim was accused of financial irregularities  amounting to Rs 2,26,000/- & suspended.She was reinstated & transferred as activists alleged that all this accusation was, because, she had named powerful people, in the police complaint.

PJ.Kurien was named in   a seperate complaint by the victim. Kurien was exonerated due to lack of evidence in 2007 .He was defended by Arun Jaitley,of  BJP ,leader of the opposition in Rajya Sabha.P.J Kurien is a close  friend & confidante of current Defence Minister,A. K.Antony.

The media highlighting of the Delhi bus gang rape case led many activists to campaign for justice in the Suryanelli case. The Supreme Court heard the case on 31st Januaay ,2013.It was shocked, to learn about the acquittal & the remarks about the victim.The case was sent back to Kerela High court for a fresh hearing.

Dharmarajan was arrested in 2013.Victim filed fresh complaint against Kurien in 2013. Kerela High Court in April,2014 awarded punishment to 24 accused who were held guilty of gang rape.P.J Kurien  is at large, as  the present Deputy Speaker,Rajya Sabha.

This case shows how courts of justice, can cast aspersions on victims especially,  on the character.Character assassination of the victim is mandatory if victim is of female gender so what , if she is a minor Never mind, the character of the accused .Maybe like others ,the courts thinks  (rightly for once  &amp or    by default ) that the accused have no character...hence no character that needs defence,offence or assassination  !

This case  shows how all our netas are hand in gloves with each other ( Arun Jaitley defends P.J. Kurien ).How all parties will  field  candidates  with criminal records ( accused & set free ...not yet proved guilty ) .Such candidates can silence the voters into submission.Who needs rigging then ? !

This blog post is to raise awareness, about minors,who have been sexually abused #CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE.

This is my blog post for letter "S " in A to Z Blogging Challenge.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Reading trail

I & my brother would fight for comics like Mandrake-the magician ,Phantom -the Ghost who walks, & Bahadur.We read Amar Chitra Kathas in school library.I read children’s magazines like Chandamama,Champak,Nandan & Parag.Chandamama’s illustrations have stayed with me, ever since.

Later ,I graduated to reading Nancy Drew & Hardy boys series.I would, borrow these, from the school library.I would not budge an inch, till I had devoured the book completely.

I attended secondary school in a smaller town & to facilitate & encourage reading ,the school library was kept open, even during holidays.The librarian was a teacher named Mr. Lal. Sometimes ,he would get bugged by our antics & noise .We would whisper ,”Mr.Lal is getting red ! “

This reading habit was further strengthened by my dad, as he wanted us, to read ,to  get enriched.He would buy books & borrow for us .He subscribed to Shankar’s magazine ,’The Children’s  world “  for us.I also recall  magazines like Filmfare,Star & Style,Movie,Cine Blitz ,Stardust ,Femina,the Illustrated Weekly of India ,India today & the like.

In College,I started reading novels by Agatha Christie , Sir Arthur Conan Doyle & Ruskin Bond .I started working & during this time,I felt the need to read self help books though my well wishers vouch,  that I have hardly improved ! I read books by Tony Buzan on speed reading ,using our brains,effectively etc.I have also read Deepak Chopra.

I buy many books & even borrow from acquaintances ,friends & relatives.The space crunch in my modest flat, has dampened my urge of buying books.I better join a library now.

I have started loving humour & this has made me read books by P.G.Wodehouse .I also find reading “Yes Minister “ & “Yes Prime Minister “more fulfilling, than watching the televised shows.My legal inclination, has made me read John Grisham & Leila Seth’s autobiography.”We, the people,” by Nani Palkivala & M.C.Chagla’s “Roses in December “ have been inspiring . Medical novels by Robin Cook  are interesting too . Newspapers are read  to keep myself updated .I read increasingly  on the net & “share “ as well.I read recipes, travelogues & about environment,art,culture etc. also.In fact ,my reading has grown  as wide, as it can get.

Slowly & surely ,I must upgrade & start reading classics.Presently,I feel insecure, after completing a book.That is why,nowadays, I take breaks in reading so that I can read it for some more time.I feel lost, after finishing a book.What next , in the book queue ? !

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Saturday, April 19, 2014


Queue is the way of life in our nation.Everywhere one goes,there is queue.For paying a bill,there is a queue.At the enquiry counter,there is a queue.At the bus stop ,there is a queue.At the ticket counter ,there is a queue.At the examination centre ,there is  a queue.Even at the toilets,there is  a queue.For passport ,there is  a queue For immigration, there is a queue.Even one goes to cast a vote at the elections,there si a queue.Queue includes the plural ....that is many queues.

Why ? Why a queue ? Simply, because of such a huge population.Thanks to continous breeding ,there are so many people out there that a queue is the only solution.Yet this solution leads to many more problems.

Lots of time is wasted in the queue.If someone thinks ,that he can join queue ,get work done & be on other tasks at hand ,he is absolutely wrong ! Most of the times,when a person almost reaches the servicing counter,it is lunch time or closing time.So next ,that person has to make a new beginning.Many times,when a person has almost reached the counter,he is told that he was standing in the wrong queue.At other times,he will be made to realise that he forgot to include some documents,cash is only accepted,cheque is accepted,draft is only accepted & so on.

Some people think nothing of jumping the queue.Corruption is another issue in  queue.So queue may seem to create more problems instead of solving any.

Since lots of people are in the queue,people do end up fighting as well.This raises tempers & sometimes there is  a war going on .At other times,there could be wars going on.I recall, that I had gone to register for Aadhar.Some people started a fight about who should be served first.That was enough reason for the servicing staff to close the counter for the day !

Many have to take  off from their offices  to stand in such serpentine queues.They are just praying that their work gets done.More often than not,it gets spilled over.This leads to lots of bitterness.

Nowadays,many people pay bills online.Phone enquiries have made some dent.As technology improves & becomes widespread,hopefully ,queues will lesson.For the queue to go away ,there has to be strict population control.Technology & public participation has to go  hand in hand, in eliminating  the  queue !

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Phone call

Sia  & Sudha met the  Maths teacher  in school . The teacher chided Sia ," You talk too much in class.Your chatting is disturbing others."

 Sia mumbled,"Sorry,Sir ".Then, they went to meet the teachers of the various subjects. She had fared better. No other teacher opined that Sia talked a lot.

They returned home in an auto. All along, Sudha kept on nagging Sia to pay attention in class & talk less.

Sia left for her dance class in the evening. Sudha sat thinking. Was Sia a chatterbox, who was talking so much, that  teachers &  classmates were distracted ? Sia was an extrovert . Sia would make friends in a jiffy. Friends, who would confide in her, within seconds. Sia's classmates & friends were welcome at  home, all the time. Sudha would buy ice creams .Sometimes , sandwiches would be ordered from the neighbourhood bakery . .

The phone was ringing. Sudha picked it up."Can I speak to Sia ,please ? " “Sia is in her dance class.Who is this ? "Sudha queried."I am Avani" . the call ended. Later ,the phone rang again. It was Avani .Sudha suggested ," Avani , call Sia on her mobile .Any message for Sia ?””No ,Aunty,." The line disconnected.

By eight ,Sia was home.Sia freshened up.She sat down to dine, fiddling with her mobile .Sudha sat besides her .Sudha  asked,"Sia ,who is Avani ? " Sia kept mum.Sudha raised her voice ,"Who is Avani ? She  called twice.She refused to tell anything." Sia, answered," Ma,why do you have to scream ? Avani is my classmate.She is in my dance class also. " 

The phone rang .Sudha picked up the receiver,"Hello,I am inspector Pant calling.Has Avni  been calling ? "  Oh God ! This was  just like what they show on crime serials on the idiot box,The police have traced a call to her home ,Sudha opined.

"Madam, did Avni call ? ",the inspector repeated ."Yes,Avni called ." "Is there a boy in   your house ? " "No .I have a 13 year old daughter ,"Sudha replied."Call her .I want to speak ,"the inspector ordered.Sudha mumbled,"Yes,"

Sudha called”Sia , There’s a  call for you .It is the police .They are asking about Avni ." Sia spoke,"Hello,yeah Avni is my classmate." Sia continued ," Avni wants money from  me.I said that I do not have any ." Sia resumed "Yeah,I will let you know ." She kept down the receiver.

"Ma, Avni has left her home.. Avni needs Rs  3000/ to Rs 5000/- in cash .I told her , I don’t have it. " "And this, you are telling me ,now ?”Sudha screamed."Sia replied calmly ,”Yeah,so ? " Sudha asked,"Why does she want the money ? " " Avni wants to go to Bhopal  to meet that boy.”

Sudha was dumbstruck. Her teenager had divulged now ( was this the complete story or was there more to it ? ) as there was this call from the police..

Sudha  queried,"Who is this boy  ? " Sia replied ,"Someone, she met online." Sudha found it strange .”Really ,why does she have to meet him in Bhopal ?" " Because,he is unwell." Sudha thought to herself that Avni's parents must be sick with worry & Avni wants to run to  someone in Bhopal ! 

Sudha demanded,"Avni's parents know this ? "Sia said,"No idea ." Sudha was boiling over now,"Really Sia,you are the limit.Please call up her parents." 'Ma,I do not have their home  phone number.The police called, as parents have complained.So they know, by now."The coolness, with which Sia was answering made Sudha shudder ! 

The phone rang again. Sia picked it up."Yeah ,fine.I will try ."Sia kept down the phone."The police,"Sia informed ,"they said, that I must call  up Avni & tell her that I am ready to give her cash.Then ,inform the police that she will come to take the cash."

Sudha wondered ,how close are  Avni & Sia ? Till that day,Avni’s name had never been mentioned by Sia.Avni had never been to Sia ‘s home .

Sia texted Avni.Then,Sia called Avni .Avni picked up the phone."Sia here,Avni.I can give you Rs.3000/ will you take it ?.Fine,we  will meet near the school gate in fifteen minutes." Sia disconnected.She told  Sudha,"Ma,I need Rs 3000/- “Sudha said,"This is only for police to catch up with Avni . Why cash ? " "Ma,please, !" Sudha handed cash to Sia who put it in her small backpack.

The phone rang .Sia picked it up, "Hello,yeah.I have called Avni to the school gate.I am coming there in 15 minutes." Sia disconnected. Sudha grabbed her purse & joined Sia with her tiny backpack.

Sia & Sudha hailed an auto & it sped towards the school.Sudha asked,"Sia when  did Avni tell you about her running away ? " "Ma,she told me  today.
.Hardly anybody talks to Avni in class.I talk to her." They were   near the school.They got down &  started walking.They saw a police jeep.Someone called,"Sia".One policeman was standing nearby.He asked,"You are Sia ? " Sia nodded  "I am inspector Pant. Avni's dad is here  Thank you !.We got Avni.She is in this jeep." Sia nodded. Inspector Pant asked Sia,"Can we drop you home ? " Sudha had walked near the jeep by then.Sudha said,"I am Sia's mom.We will go home by ourselves." 

Avni had shared with  Sia .Sia had dared to care for Avni..Sia had shared information with the police .That is what saved Avni !

Sudha realised that as a mother, she must dare to care & to share . She must transform, to become a friend to her teenage daughter ! Sudha knew that her daughter Sia was a chatterbox. Her chatting up Avni ,had  saved Avni .

This the blog post for letter "P" for the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Online means on the net.Well ,nowadays almost everything  is online  ! Maybe not in the real sense & yet in a virtual sense !

My kid looks up her answers on a tutorial site .She says she finds  her textbooks uninteresting.I had appeared for a legal entrance test.I studied some case laws online.I even gave mock entrance tests online ! I ordered bare acts that I needed for my preparations on the net ! It saved me the commute, in train ,to the book shops at the other end of the city.This meant, that I was fresh after I shopped on the net tiredness of traveling on hot summer day ! I compared prices & opted for the most reasonably priced !

I have taken to online shopping.More than shopping outright,I do a lot of window shopping selecting,comparing ,before I pay up.Payment of bills of services, is so convenient as it is all online now.I stay in a rented flat & I am able to pay power& the internet bill online even without registration ! All without moving any inch from my chair in the comfort of my home !

My teenager has even bookmarked chess game online.She plays it on the laptop, whenever she wants to.She has fallen in love with chess after a friend taught her the basics !

My husband books all our travel tickets online.It is convenient.Moreover ,if carefully planned ,it can lead to big savings !Since my hubby is travelling most of the time,emails are a big comfort.They help us to keep in touch.

Sharing photographs is so easy on the net.Moreover ,photos need not be printed.They can just be shared online.So much saving of paper- green effort.Even recipes can be shared.I hardly knew cooking ,I have become better now all due to looking up tried & tested recipes on the net ! I have learnt baking as well !

You can find answers to most of the queries which arise on. line.Even if you need to look up names for newborns ,the net gives so many options for namkaran !

Even virtual aartis,pujas can be done on the net ! Google maps has made it possible to have virtual views of most the places on the net !

I have met so many friends on the net, while I blogged that they are more than my real friends ! I think ,there is no end to the things we can do online.In this context,I read a quote in the Times of India today ,"I like my new telephone,my computer just works fine,my calculator is perfect ,but  lord,I miss my mind !"...Author unknown.

Now, only, if I could join some weight loss program  online (sitting on my chair in my home   ) which makes me lose weight offline ! And before you feel ,I am going crazy & making you go off your mind,I better stop !

This is my blog post for "O" for the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Naming ceremony in  most Indian households is the first big celebration for a newborn.Many insist that without a name ,there is no identity.

The paternal aunt, in many cases names the child.Just shows our patriarchal mindset.The aunt rarely chooses the name,she just anoints it on the baby.The names are chosen by looking up religious texts,or by naming after ancestors,etc.Nowadays,the net is wide open to choose names of every kind.This makes for more confusions.There is going to be a  naming ceremony in my extended family on this  weekend.I was told that the name is being selected .Elders,dad,mom,uncle,aunty,in fact all are busy meditating on names so that they can select, the most unique name for the baby.While the grandpa insists on a name from the religious scripts,the dad insists on a name, that symbolises the internet age.

When a name is that of a God or Goddess or an ancestor,I suspect that ,it has ulterior motives.Whenever such named person is scolded,reprimanded,cursed,the others get immense pleasure as they feel they are cursing the Almighty ,the long dead ancestor,etal.

We often name or rather nickname many persons in our midst, so that we can converse in our secret code lingo.A harassed daughter in law is named Dukhi aatma,a bald fellow is named Chand ( the moon ) ,a person hovering around the boss is named Chamcha ,a lady who is matching her dress with accessories is named matchless,a person who takes time to follow is tubelight ( as it takes time to light up ), etc.Narendra Modi has been named NaMo ,Rahul Gandhi as RaGa & so on !

While I worked in Public Sector Insurance Company ,one Veternary Doctor invited us to his baby's  naming ceremony.Vets in insurance company  have to tag cattle ( for identity ) which are insured.Someone quipped "tagging ceremony." In my office ,there was a clerk who would go & report to the boss on all of us.He was aptly nicknamed "Office Wife " by the staff !

This is my blog post for letter "N" for A to Z Blogging Challenge.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Training of mind to realise a higher consciousness or to induce a sense of well being is meditation.In these stressful times,people take up meditation to control anxiety,depression ,increase concentration,  to develop a sense of fulfillment ,joy etal

Towards this end ,there are many techniques of meditation.There is chanting of prayers or slokas,listening to  step wise instructions to meditate,visualising a serene scene & concentrating on breathing ,simply focusing on breathing etc.Vipassana is one such mediatation technique which is taught so that the interested can practice it for its numerous benefits.There is transcandental meditation as well.Even yoga which has made a major comeback has many meditation techniques to relax the mind.

Image courtsey :

Meditation means to think ,ponder etc.It also means dhyana meaning to contemplate.Meditation is strongly associated with  the relegions.Hence meditation is linked to spirituality.

Scientific studies have since proven, that meditation is indeed beneficial .Those of us ( meaning nearly all, including yours truly ) who are running after Lakshmi must necessarily meditate to control the urge to hoard money,clothes,bags,computers,etc.Some of the positive reactions of meditation are reduction in stress & anxiety levels.Meditation leads  to lowering of blood pressure.It also helps in improving digestion & decreases heart attack risk.It boosts sex life & concentration.It gives us a sense of well being & increases the size of our brains.And as we begin to feel good about ourselves,we find the world a much better place ! And surely ,the universe will become our home in the truest sense !

This is my blog post on "M' for the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

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Monday, April 14, 2014


I watched the movie "Lakshmi " directed by Nagesh Kuknoor in a local theatre.It conveys very strongly, that trafficking in girls, is a horrific reality.

This is the story of Lakshmi ,a minor girl, who is sold off for a few thousands, to a corporator & a female one at that ! Then her nightmare begins.She reaches the home of a kind man.He ravages her first & then she is sent to a brothel.Every night ,she serves customers all night .As she cleanses ,herself after each customer,the lumps rise in the throat .And before the lumps can be swallowed,many more rise.It is heart wrenching to watch her go through the same ordeal so many times in one night.This continues night after night.In between all this ,she tries to run away some times.Every time, she fails & is slapped ,beaten black & blue into submission. Does she manage to  fly like a kite   towards freedom  ? Do her tormentors get punished ? What about her two sisters, who are seperated, when she is sold off ?

The film torments .It is brutal,  to the core .The film depicts that  men, across all ages,all sections of society,  take immense pleasure in sleeping with minor girls.They just want sex.They  care a damn,  if the girl is unwell. Their raging libidos need to be satiated,nothing less.Some scenes are such, that the viewer, cannot dare look at them.

Official trailer : courtesy You Tube 

All performers Satish Kaushik,Shefali Shan,Monali Thakur,Ram Kapoor & the director, who acts in the film have given stellar performances.Swear words & double meaning words are used freely.The film is an honest & brave attempt, to create awareness about sexual trafficking of women & children worldwide.It is estimated that human trafficking is the third largest organised crime after illegal drug industry & arms trade.

The movie gives jitters as it reveals dark secrets like increasingly minors are in high demand in sex trade & examines the reasons allegedly behind the same.Many are suffering from STDs ( SexuallyTransmitted diseases ). And there are myths  that having sex with a virgin  is a cure for STDs.These reasons & the aftermath,  are enough to stun us into silence.

Let us speak out against child sexual abuse,child pornography sexual trafficking.Let us speak  for compulsory sex education in schools.Let us be aware of the dangers, that are lurking #Child Sexual Abuse Awareness .

This blog post is for letter "L" in the A to Z Blogging Challenge,2014.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Book Review : The Kite Flyers

I had applied to IndiBlogger for this book review .I received it during this ongoing A to Z Bogging Challenge & thought why not make it part & parcel of the same !

Well,I managed to read this  book in a day ! Actually half a day I started in the afternoon.It has 186 pages .It is a hard bound book by Sharad P Paul, a practising doctor. an expert in skin cancer surgery.He has quite a few academic recognitions to his credit.He teaches creative writing to kids.He is the head of the Baci group which includes the Baci foundation,a charity  that finances literacy programmes.Paul's earlier books include " Cool Cut ","To kill a dragon fly " &  "Skin : A Biography ".

The cover shows a red kite which has a red string attached to it .The string is cut by a pair of black scissors as also a barber's knife.The back cover shows the rolled up string or the kite manja.There is also a red blade protruding from the kite.The red kite is flying in grey sky having black clouds.

There are nine chapters.The book begins with Author;s note wherein he states that this book was written as a poem & became a runner up in a short story contest.He reconstructed the story on requests from readers & that's how this reprint from Fourth Estate has come about. The last chapter after the ninth one is Epilogue.It is followed by Lakshm's barfi recipe adapted to the microwave !

"The Kite Flyers" is a simple story set in Tamil Nadu.It begins in rural Tamil Nadu & later moves to Chennai.This is the story of three friends in school....Kumar & Raman who are expert at flying kites & Lakshmi who excels at making barfis. They are studying in the village school run by Gowrie teacher.The three friends get seperated by circumstances or  fate.Twelve years pass by.They are adults now & yet they have a longing to meet one another.Are they able to make a jugaad of their lives ? Do they meet ? They are in very different surroundings.Are they able to escape to the freedom of togetherness with their friends ? Moreover will their friends accept them as they are after so many years ?What about Gowrie teacher ?

The background of Chennai in this  story,  is politics of AIADMK under the charismatic MGR.Read " MGR is God.Granted ,he may not be the god,but he is a god."And ," Two men burn themselves at every MGR meeting .MGR has the highest kill ratio......"The vehement opposition of Tamil Nadu & its people to Hindi imposition makes an impression.The fact ,that MGR uses Hindi ,to rouse his supporters is shockingly familiar.Our leaders use all the dirty tricks, to further, their ascent to power.

The barbarism of eunuchs gives way to their kindness later, as the story progresses. The caste is the identity of everyone in Tamil Nadu " In Tamil Nadu,everyone is 'something'- Hindu,Christian,........One cannot be an ordinary human being here.The first question a stranger asks a fellow Tamil is 'What are you ?'".

The story  is simply narrated going back  in time as the story begins .Later as it progresses ,it comes to the present.The author is sarcastic about the games politicians  play with the lives of ordinary people.The author is  empathetic about the poor.His poor have an inner strength which makes them accept  those who may be physically challenged with the utmost love & affection.We may turn such persons away.

The flow is steady.The chapters are short .The language is easy with some Tamil thrown in . It is sprinkled with humour which makes for  smiles.

All in all,a delightful story which makes us appreciate the extraordinary simple lives of the poor  Indians.

This is the eleventh post for the A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014.

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Friday, April 11, 2014


I first came across jugaad in my daughter's textbook when she was in the sixth standard.I learnt that it is a vehicle used in rural areas  in India,to transport people.It is cheap & needs no registration with the Road transport authorities.This vehicle can move over roads full of potholes ( Nothing great as most of the Indian roads are just potholes )  as it has very low speed  ( 60 km/h).

Jugaad also means an alternative & cheap solution to a problem. We know, how all of us are forever looking at ways to save costs.Jugaad is a result of all that or rather when we try to work out some cost saving method be it an invention or a discovery of a new way to go about something which has expensive solutions,it means we have done jugaad.

A man from Bihar invented this bicycle which can be used on water as well ! He was unable to meet his wife on time.This was because he had to cross a water body & boats were overcrowded.He is Mohammad Saidullah.He is, in fact, a serial inventor.

When students use cardboard boxes,cotton ,wires,etc for school projects ....they are doing  jugaad .Doctors are doing  jugaad when they are using everyday things like paper clips to keep cost down.One person. in Gujarat has designed a refrigerator which is  cheap & keeps things cool without electricity.Of course,all those who do jugaad do so with patience.There is a result of  hard work over long periods.No instantaneous results !

There is a facebook page " PROJECTS JUGAAD " showcasing all such jugaads & more !

Now ,I better stop here, as I have to do jugaad for the upcoming letters of the A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014.

This is the tenth post for the A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014


The times we live in, are impatient times.We are impatient about each & everything.We want instant results to problems which have been there for a long time.

This is the age of the net.We want to talk to others instantaneously .We have the mobile & other internet tools like skype,google talk,yahoo messenger,etc.One click & connections get made for chatting ,talking,sharing photos,ideas etal.

There are instant food mixes available to satiate our hunger pangs .They are very convenient & reasonably priced.About nutritional values,there is little doubt, that they are mostly absent.

We want to earn money fast.So we are willing to go to any extent.We are willing to pull others down ,project ourselves,adopt all illegal means,etc.There are no full stops in our craze to get rich & successful.We prefer shortcuts to success rather than the long winding roads to joy.And once we get there,we feel all the more insecure.So another rat race begins & the vicious cycle continues.

We prefer live shows that are being telecast now.Our kids also expect their demands to be fulfilled at that moment.Because ,children ape us.When they see us on our mobiles ,laptops,tablets,kindles etc,they imitate us.

Why this craze for everything instantaneous ?Is it because, we are very insecure, about what will happen tomorrow ? We are all stressed out by instant updates about our lives & those of others.Unfortunately ,all this fast life has robbed us of perseverance,patience,persistence,etc..We are unable to concentrate on any task at hand.So ,the results are just about there.They lack the  brilliance & passion of times gone by.

Let us learn to be patient & persistent with the tasks on,family ,work fact everything.The outcomes will be much better & simply excellent.Let us try to believe, in the present rather than worry about the future.Towards,this end ,let us spend some time, in quiet contemplation.Let us remember  that even if we win all the rat races,we will  still remain rats.

This is the ninth post for A to Z Blogging Challenge,2014.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Food is one of the basic necessities of life.On an empty stomach we cannot even pray so says a Hindi proverb ....Bhuke pet bhajan na hoye Gopala.

Recently ,the Food Security Bill was passed by Parliament to provide rice ,wheat & coarse grains to the teeming poor,  at subsidised prices.

The Government has initiated the mid day meal scheme in schools across India.Under this ,primary & upper primary school children get to eat hot cooked meals in schools.The Government estimates,that it is the largest school feeding scheme, worldwide.It feeds 120,000,000 across India.

Akshaya Patra has been doing exemplary work with the Government, to provide hygienic & nutritious mid day meals to school children.

 This video of the commendable work done by Narayanan Krishnan is  from "The Better India " site .

 Narayanan Krishnan has been feeding the poor & homeless in Madurai,Tamil Nadu. He was a chef at Taj Hotels,Bangalore.One day ,he witnessed a man eating his own faeces .That made him give up his job & start his feeding programme.He was one of the top 10 hereos of the CNN,2010 list.His heroism has inspired a character in a film as well.

A lot of food gets wasted in parties,weddings,etc.Many of us, are unable to eat all that is there, in our lunch boxes .Towards this end,  a green effort has been started  in Mumbai, by initiating the Share My Dabba campaign.In this ,the left over food that remains in dabbas is distributed to cater to the growling tummies  of street children.

We must cook only that much which we can consume.We must buy only what is needed.Only then, will food be available to  satiate the hunger of all.This will be a green effort.It will bring peace to the hunger pangs across the world.That will be greenpeace !

This is the eighth blog post for the A to Z Blogging Challenge,2014.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Greenpeace is an organization, working towards saving this planet Earth, from ecological disaster.

The aim of Greenpeace is to " ensure the ability of Earth to nurture life in all its diversity."This means going out & staging protests,signing campaigns to save forests from deforestation ,to save water,to ensure that all living beings are able to survive in an environment in these times.Many corporations,companies etal are bent on destroying our living resources for petty profits.It is to credit of Greenpeace that the people of the world have realised that some will go all the way to maximise gains at the immense cost  & permanent destruction to our planet,Earth.

Greenpeace ,India the Indian wing of Greenpeace International has been in the forefront of many campaigns to save our forests,waters,rivers,etal.Some of them are demanding that  P & G keep its products like detergents,facewash,soaps,shampoos, free of anything that destroys forests.Greenpeace through its MAHAN  has been in the forefront asking ESSAR group to stop destroying forests for its needs .This destruction is displacing the indigenous people who have lived & survived in the forests.They have nowhere to go & no means of livelihood other than the forests.

WWF &  Greenpeace have been promoting the EARTH HOUR campaign successfully to showcase how public solidarity across nations can reduce our carbon footprints in sustaining our living planet.

Hence,Greenpeace stands for green efforts to sustain peace.

This is the seventh post for the A to Z Blogging Challenge,2014.

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Monday, April 7, 2014


Now a days ,I hardly buy or use soaps.I am not having any skin problems or allergy to soaps .Very soon ,I may develop some.This is because,I end us using facewash to cleanse myself ! I am not super rich  ! In fact ,I am trying to economise !

My terrible teen of a daughter, has been buying face washes left ,right & centre.She elects facecleansers & then discards them, one by one.How can I, just throw them away ? I decided, that I must use them.Since there are so many,I felt, that the best way to utilise them was to use them as body wash .

I use them completely.After  the squeezing actions stop working,I roll over a rod on the facewash tube to extract what little is left.Then ,I painstakingly fill the facewash tubes  and or containers with water & shake them vigorously.And keep them for a day or two.Then ,I pour the watery contents & use them to wash myself

                                             Picture is for representative purpose only.

When the prices of the face cleansers ( across all brands ) are extracting all my money,I must go all the way to utilise all the washes till the last drop ! And ,yet,I feel, my methods are still wanting in this regard.

I  am cross with them who asked my daughter to do something about her pimples.On second thoughts,I must bill them, for all this  brain wash. All these face washes have been brought by her to deal with pimples & acne.My advice, that pimples will go away after some time cuts no ice with her.

One of the face cleansers which is one of the most expensive ones was found to be allergic for use.I use it now ,only for hand wash ! After all this never ending exercise ,I am sure ,I will be left faceless. I may be even wiped out ,  as I am using  them to clean up my body as well !

I must admit, that all these face wash ,cleanser,scrub,pack are just misnomers for brain wash !

This is the sixth post for the A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014

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Saturday, April 5, 2014


The nation is in the grip of Election fever ! And it is summer as well ! So temperatures are soaring ! The manifesto of AAP promises to lower  the age of poll candidates  to 21 years .I am in favour of lowering it further, to teen age .This is the sure shot way of channelising the hyperactive energy of teenagers &  their raging hormones ! Moreover ,teenagers  will fare better than our netas !

In the midst of all this ,my teenager announced,"Daddy,I am standing for elections ." Daddy ( aghast that AAP has come to power ...still they should have waited till my daughter's board exams were over before reducing the age ),"How can you ? " Teenager ," Group captain elections at school. " Daddy," You have to give board exams.Please give attention to that ." "Bye,Daddy ".Call disconnected.My teen does that.She is informing us....not seeking permission.Moreover ,my hubby never understood that his daughter has leadership potential.She dreams of being the Group Captain. Board exams and all be damned !

Next day,my daughter arrived home, with  a flushed face.I thought maybe it was the heat.Yes,I was right ,it was the heat, of school elections."Mama ,I was not selected.Last year,they never allowed girls of 9th std to stand for elections as even Vice Captains .This year ,they said ,only boys can stand for elections to Group Captains.It is so unfair.You know,the guy who won, was not even standing & then our Sir ( read Kingmaker ) told him & he stood up & won !  " .A pause & she continued ",.Atleast ,I stood for elections.Two of my classmates ,both girls, were not even allowed to stand.Only one of my girl classmate is group  vice captain now.All other vice & group captains are boys ".

At last she  nailed it ", ",I tell you ,our school elections are as unfair as the national elections.Mama,I am writing to the Princy ( read Principal ) that all this is unfair." I butted in ," Just one person writing is hardly going to make any difference ." My leader of a teenager," Mama,I will write it & it will be signed by all of us (read girls ) ." I know ,my kid is preparing for larger roles ...she is getting lessons in fairness,gender equality,etal !

This is the fifth post in the A to Z Blogging Challenge,2014.

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Friday, April 4, 2014


We all dream of better future,contentment, happiness,peace,success & so on ! Many are chastised for daydreaming !

Why do we dream ? There are no definitive answers as yet.Many scientists ,philosophers & even religions have debated the purpose of dreams & answers are still being sought.

We often dream during sleep ...during the Rapid Eye Movement Stage ( REM ) of sleep.We tend to forget many of the dreams .We do recall some of them.All can dream,even if their sight is wanting .Also,in case of those who are visually impaired,dreams are a reality.Dreams will be vivid or hazy.This is so, even if ,carrots are skipped or a  part of meals !

Many important discoveries were discovered in dreams.The most significant example of this is Kekule dreamt about the tetravalent nature of carbon.Paul McCartney has admitted that he dreamt about the tune of the famous Beatles song "Yesterday " before it became a reality ! President Abraham Lincoln dreamt about his assasination.Even our own mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujan had dreams that led to deep insights ,theories & discoveries in Mathematics which continue to have world wide acceptance !

Hence,dreaming is essential ! As Kekule said "Let us learn to dream."

This is the fourth post in the A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014


I find carrots to be too good as they can be added to so many dishes.The best thing is they can be grated & mixed into so many things !

Carrots are an excellent source of Vitamin A.This vitamin A is good for eyesight.Including carrots in meals is a sure shot way to stay away from glasses which may, later in some extreme cases lead to blindness.Carrots have lots of fibre & hence help in weight loss.

There are a variety  of dishes in which a carrots are the main ingredient.I myself have made a carrot cake,carrot salad & carrot koshimbir,I add carrots grated and or chopped to upma,savoury vermicelli,dosa idli & paniyaram batters to make  them more healthy & colorful.Even cutlets & bread snacks  can be made fibrous with addition of carrots.

I even came across a carrot tomato rasam recipe.And I did give it a try & I was amazed by the taste! I puree carrots,onions & tomatoes & make a gravy for chhole & rajma.This ensures, that my kid eats some carrots ! Can anyone think of pulaos & biryanis without  carrots ? Same with avial  & pav bhaji.And winters are incomplete without garma garam  gajar ka halwa ! In South India ,finely chopped carrots with salt  cooked with fresh dessicated coconut & a vagar of mustard,urad dal,red chillies,green chillies,kadipatta,hladi ,hing  makes for a delicious carrot thoran!There is even a carrot kheer recipe ! Carrots blend easily with beetroot,beans,capsicum,cabbage,cauliflower,etc ! Moreover whenever a dish is made with more than one vegetable ,it gets more tasty be it a beetroot carrot cake,cabbage-carrot thoran,avial ,etc.

                                     Carrot tomato rasam with tur dal.

Carrots have a sweet taste.Hence,I find them very useful in case a dish has turned out too  spicy.Addition of  grated  carrots in such a dish & cooking it for a few minutes can reduce the spice content.

Some years back ,I read in the press, that one man had been eating so many carrots that he looked very carrot like ,in an orange.I would love to imbibe that colour as it can be easily mistaken for a peachy complexion, all over ! For that, I just have to eat more carrots ! This means, that I have to follow the  carrot & carrot ( not stick) policy  !

This is my third post for the A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I started wearing glasses while I was in primary division in school.Those days ,many would ask sympathetically," Can you see without glasses ? " Really if glasses were the cure for blindness, it would have been fantastic !

Understandably ,my near sightedness is awful...I miss even  the obvious ! I have a medical problem.I fail to observe so many things...the artistry in & around me which is very much at display ! I fail to observe & wonder at the birds in the trees,the mango flowers heralding the onset of summers,the clear blue skies,sparking waters in the lakes, & so on.This  has got more to do with my attitude of  being self centered  than with my glasses !

Blindness actually makes people more observant.Those who are visually  challenged develop a sixth sense & detect the faintest of sounds.It is the perfect example of how when one door closes,another opens up.There is even an Indian Cricket team made up of visually impaired sportsmen ! This team is the winner of the current T20 World Cricket series !

Those who cannot see with their eyes can click snaps too.In fact ,there is a Blind with Camera club which has bridged the gap between those who cannot see & the world of photography !

Hence ,blindness can be overcome, as these examples show ! We  just need to  have the vision to see
beyond  what our eyes show us !

This is  my second post in the ongoing A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


All of us are artists as creativity exists in each one of us.Only we have to discover or rather recover it.Pablo Picasso put it so aptly "Every child is an artist.The problem is how to remain an artist when we grow up. "

A home maker is creative as she makes use of leftovers & recycles containers,cases,etal.A child is creative when it makes innovative excuses of skipping school.Maids are being artistic when they rearrange things that they work with in a manner, that is handy to them hardly matters that the things they use are detergents,soaps,dishwasher liquid etc.All arrangements have a beauty & purpose of their own.

In office,thinking out of box, is emphasized upon & yet more often than not,we frown on creativity.Artistic endeavours are supposed to  be the hobbies of the rich.This is so untrue.Even poor people are artists at work.The way they make use of their limited resources is artistry, in all its manifestations !

Nature is an artist as it is so beautiful.Artistry makes this world aesthetic !

All the progress that has been possible today is because someone thought differently about an idea & brought it to fruition despite the odds & the opposition.Moreover ,artistry promotes green action as it is recycling of ideas.Plastic recycling reduces pollution & that is  saying a lot ! There are other fringe benefits of providing jobs to the rag pickers etal & giving them a better life ! Hence ,as Picasso said ,we must try hard to remain artists throughout our lives !

This is the my first post for the  A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014.

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